If you had no limits…

If you were unstoppable…

If you were smarter than the collective whole of humanity…

Yes, you.

I don't care if you flunked biology.

I want to know what your spark is.

I want to tease it out of you.

I want to know what YOU think the future should look like.

Is it an abundant future? Do people prosper and live in harmony?

Is it a dystopia? Are people suffering and living in fear, more than they already are now?

Are kids growing up safe? Are hurt people still hurting people?

Or did you stop the cycle?

Did you…take action? Figure out what you wanted to contribute to the world, and act on it?

Alone, an individual has no power.

Only when we join forces can we affect change on a massive scale.

Never has anyone achieved anything of note without the participation, and at least passive consent of others somewhere along the way.

Stop being a tragic hero.

The world needs your gifts too badly to play small or stay isolated.

The world needs you to win.

If we all stepped up and joined forces we would have a “neotopia” tomorrow.

You are a key and integral part of the puzzle.

You are the one who can pick up the ball and run it into the end zone, but not without blockers, tacklers, linebackers, linemen, wide receivers…

You get the idea.

You just need to find your team.

And protect your own. Create emotional juice. Energy, whatever you want to call it.

That's the stuff that will lead your team to victory.

Practice creating it daily.

First in yourself, and then in others.

Make it a habit. Work that muscle until it hurts, and force it to grow.

You'll need every ounce of it for the journey ahead.

Because there be dragons along this path we're walking.