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Found another hack I wanted to share quickly: Many times there are multiple formats available on Amazon. For example you can get the Audio CD of this book “Playing To Win” on Amazon for HALF the price of the actual book, then rip it to your phone/ipod and listen while you're at the gym!

Then you can share it with your friends and they can pass it around too! Pretty awesome. You could for sure do the same thing at the library, just rip the audio CD's and put them back! Not sure how this goes in general but I think this is gonna be my go to from now on with strategy books and nonfiction.

“A candle is not dimmed by lighting another” 

Think of all the options this affords you… You can skip around, speed up the narration, pause and even do something entirely different like run or lift weights while you absorb these world class strategies. You just took a 272 page book and knocked it down to three gym sessions (7 hours of audio at double speed, so three hours, figuring a little over an hour at the gym for the average person.

http://amzn.to/1Jz2ril<– Playing To Win: How Strategy REALLY Works (Audio CD @ 1/2 the price of hardcover?!?)

See my comment below for a link to the article where it will show you how to turn these audio files into podcast files so you can not only play them back faster, but decrease the amount of space they take up on your phone dramatically. I took over 7 hours of audio and it took up less than a GB.

The only caveat is, if you have an audiobook where the tracks are not named, you will have to renumber them so that they don't autosort. If this happens to you, you will know exactly what I mean. It can be tedious, but otherwise your apps will just sort them by “newest podcast” or put all the numbers from different discs in order, shuffling the entire book around. The way around this is to keep it as a music playlist, but that takes away your sped up playback options. So it's worth it to go through and renumber the tracks (takes 5-8 mins) to save 3.5 hours later.

But honestly, I just hope most audiobook manufacturers took the time to label the tracks better than just “Track 1, Track 2 etc”

Now it’s your turn to weigh in: Have you found this to be true? Is the audio version usually cheaper than the book itself, even when it's on a physical CD? Does your local library have many of the titles that interest you on audio CD?

Let me know your tips and any questions you might have in the comments section below, and please do share this post with your network. The more you know the more power you have, and the more you can accomplish in life more quickly. That's the goal here at MMM, to give you the tools to make more, do more and be more.