Here's the official Make More Marbles Productivity Routine for dominating your day.

Step One: Get Cold

Take a cold shower, ice bath, cryotherapy, go for a swim in the Arctic Ocean…whatever it takes to get cold, and become alert for your day.

Step Two: Make a Plan

Make a list of the things that you want to crank through that day. You can also plan this out the night before, so you can hit the ground running after your cold shower.

Step Three: Prioritize

Sort through your plan from above, and rank each task from the hairy, scary ones right down to the mindless, and boring.

Then start with the hairy, scary ones. They're the tasks that will move the ball forward the most.

Step Four: Create Flow

With great flow, comes efficient, focused work. For me, I've found that playing a song on an endless loop puts me in the zone. My go-to is “Animals” by Martin Garrix.

You can use youtubeonrepeat for this if you don't have Spotify.

Step Five: Feed Your Brain

Grab your favorite nootropic compound(s), and fuel up.

Mine are Bacopa Monierri, Alpha Brain and Caffeine. Theobromine and Threonine are also great (Yerba Mate, dark chocolate).

Step Six: Block Out the World

Minimize distractions.

No phone, no Facebook, no Snapchatting your “hustle.”

Noise cancelling headphones on, and move to…

Step Seven: Get to Work…

…And shine on, you crazy diamond.