“He asked me: ‘So how much does a house cost, in total?'

I told him the number. He said, ‘OK, check your email.'

The full amount had been wired.

My jaw hit the floor.

He had just donated all the money for the second build.”

Mike was catching David and I up on the latest miracle over at The Greatness Foundation.

We were paddle boarding into shore, two intrepid men who I look to for camaraderie, inspiration, friendship and support.

Stoic warriors, we want different outcomes in some areas of our lives and the same outcome in others.

Where our paths align, we walk.

Where they do not, we support each other on our journeys and wish each other well.

We all have our issues. We all have our strengths. We all have our weaknesses.

But we and many others can come together as we do and render any obstacle irrelevant.

Forging forth, we know not how the dots will connect.

A connection I was called to make had borne great fruit. And was exactly the lift my spirits needed.

You see, the thinking mind, the ego, would have you believe that your impact is minimal. Or that you're not worthy.

But when you learn to surrender, and let life use you for the best and highest good, miracles can happen.

You'll never see the dots connecting in the future (it would be boring if you did), but if you look back, you see the magic.

When I look back, everything starts to make sense.

A connection that Sonny had made to me started this cascade in motion months ago.

When we connected, something this man had said had made me think of Mike and Holly.

After that, my habit is to always connect great people together.

All of these were small actions performed with great love.

And just a little bit of faith sprinkled in.

In and of themselves, they seem minuscule and meaningless.

But like a small trickle of water carving a grand canyon… a little faith, consistently applied, goes a long way.

And if we knew how the story would end, that would be all the less reason to live it enthusiastically.

A throwaway comment, a man and a house build.

Now TWO more families won’t have to live and root and cook and sleep in dirt anymore.

Forever, their trajectory of potential will be slightly higher.

Because a couple random people they’ve never met (yet) went out of their way to help.

Life is always happening for us.

Just not always in the way you think.

Holding on to the way it needs to be, should be, must be… is missing the point.

Life is designed to give you everything you need, want and desire as fast as you can–stop resisting what it should look like.

And as long as you can stop resisting, and maintain faith and unattached intention.

The faster it will show up.

As long as you can maintain a clear, unattached intention, not a mixed signal.

The faster it will show up.

As long as you match your willingness and desire to attract with the ability to quickly and decisively act when the opportunity arises…

The faster it will show up.

Because the problem with woo, gang, is it’s only half the story.

And makes the more logical and skeptical among us (like I used to be) tune out.

The law of attraction is like the law of gravity. It’s real.

If you don’t believe in gravity, try walking off a building sometime.

These are universal laws, like your vibe attracts your tribe.

But the law of attraction is only half the puzzle.

There’s also the law of “get off your ass and take action” when the right opportunity presents itself.

When there’s a connection, a resource, an opportunity, a person, a system, a strategy…

And it’s in line with the ultimate desire and outcome.

No matter what comes up, no matter what fear or story of lack the ego can portray.

We must take action.

We must step into the breach.

We must lead.

So let’s retire the woo, for a moment, and get practical and tactical.

Because I want you to put down your tarot cards, put on your lab coat, and actually experiment with this yourself, drawing your own conculsions.

When you have a clear WHAT and WHY, the HOW has a habit of showing up.

When the HOW does show up, you must take action right away to match the intention.

The first step is to be grateful.

A simple prayer of thanks.

“Yes! More of that, please. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.”

And then, get cracking.

We're all intending an ultimate result for which we can set an unattached intention to achieve, putting our time, attention and energy toward it, directed by the unfolding of life.

This should be done in the NOW. Make the phone call. Shoot the text/email. Call the person and create an agreement.

Get the leverage you need on yourself and others to make the thing happen.

Put your word and reputation on the line.

Keep your word and continue to communicate, no matter what.

At the VERY LEAST, if you can’t do it at that instant, put a time in your calendar when you CAN and WILL take the first steps.

After that is complete, see what transpired.

Is the outcome achieved? No?

Make the next best action toward it.

Be sure to ASK for help if you need help or don't know the next steps.

If the WHAT and the WHY are clear, the HOW will again show up.

As is its habit.

Rinse and repeat until the unattached intention is now a miraculous reality.

Like two houses being built in December and a bus full of food coming next.

You see, life is always happening for us, friends.

It’s a beautiful and loving dance.

We just simply must learn how to lead.

I love you, thank you.

P.S. I’ll keep the donor anonymous, unless they choose to reveal themselves.

But THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I know everyone is so excited!
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