Words have meaning. They have a hand in shaping how we feel and act in familiar situations.

Changing your language can change your feelings, your emotional state, and ultimately, your results.

For example. What is marketing? Sales? Closing?

Marketing is really crafting a message that will attract your perfect client or customer through the din of noise like a dog whistle so they’ll come running to you.

Sales is really service, helping people gain clarity through accurate diagnosis and helping them make a great decision to move past their current stuck state.

Closing is a word that should fade out of use. It implies the job is over when in fact it’s just begun.

I’m thinking it’s more of an opening.

Opening refers to new relationships, new journeys beginning, new possibilities for growth, contribution, and leaving old challenges behind.

Be a specific, considerate, persuasive messenger.

Serve, don’t sell. Diagnose and help guide them to make the right decision for them. Hint: even if it’s not with you.

Open, don’t close. The journey is just beginning when the investment is made.

Over-deliver an exceptional experience, ask for testimonials and referrals, and repeat.