Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode of “Mastermind for Entrepreneurs” we have guest Liz Germain ( CEO & Founder at Vidfluence and YouTube Queen ).

“YouTube” Queen Liz Germain
3 things you MUST do to grow your channel

Liz Germain teaches entrepreneurs how to use YouTube and video marketing to generate highly targeted, organic leads for their business.

Liz gives great advice on how to grow your YouTube channel using organic grow and not simply paying YouTube for “followers”.

The importance of the audience, and how to focus on “audience building”.

Prioritize recommendation traffic, and how traffic sources is where most people make mistakes, and how sending external traffic from other social medial sites make actually hurt your organic audience building.

Liz also digs into the importance of studying the analytic data from the creator's channel on YouTube. So, Liz analyzes Chris' youTube channel's analytic data, and gives them LIVE advice while sharing their computer's screen.

Liz shares valuable information, that you can use today to improve your own YouTube channel.

After discovering “who” is your audience, by analyzing your own analytic data, you have to identify the top performing competitors. Discover their design “patterns”, and utilize them in your own videos. That is the best way to get you started in the right direction, as Liz explains.

3 things you MUST do to grow your channel;

1. Find out who is watching your videos
2. Find out which videos are being watched the most
3. Keeping people on your channel as long as possible by providing more videos using same format as your most popular videos.

Creating similar content to your most watch videos, will keep people on your channel longer and hopefully subscribe to your channel.

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