I want to share a story about a book that inadvertently lead to a major upswing in my life, including…

More money
More peace
More love
More opportunity
More flow
More passion
More connection
More adventures
More marbles?

…and how you might get the same results in your life.

Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins is one of the best and most influential books of 2014, still one of the best money books published in the last decade.

This book rekindled my interest in Tony Robbins, whose books I could never get through and who's seminars I had never attended. People like my friends Stephan and Steven had told me to check him out for years, but their entreaties fell on deaf ears.

When I first learned about the book, I thought to myself– “What does Tony Robbins know about investing, isn't he the motivational speaker guy?”

Which was, in hindsight, a silly knee jerk reaction.

This man is not only worth half a BILLION dollars, he runs one of the most successful seminar businesses ever built, Robbins Research, in addition to having ownership in over a dozen companies that generate over $6BB in revenue annually.

Not only that, he has one of the most influential and powerful networks of people at the top of their game to draw from in any industry.

Furthermore, anytime a book comes out that offers new information about your industry, if you want to stay sharp and be considered an expert, then you need to give it a shot.

I was still very much in hedge fund mode at the time, so any book that claimed to “Master” the game of Money, was a book I had to read.

So I ordered it, and I waited.

A book as thick as a brick showed up at my Santa Monica apartment… nearly 700 pages. They had to put it in it's own box!

It didn't cover a lot of new ground at first, but rather had the effect of reaffirming a lot of what I had already learned in my investing career. Honest, simple, actionable advice that would serve a lot of people really well if they actually follow it (the strategies are easy to build wealth, actually, it's the psychology that trips people up, which is why I coach and mentor people)

I even learned a few new and groundbreaking things, especially from the interviews with dozens of hedge fund titans Tony interviews in the book.

I gobbled it up as quickly as I could and immediately put it into practice in my investing strategy.

After I dropped everything and blasted through the book in two days, then knew that the simple, basic, common sense money knowledge in this book had to be shared, so I immediately sat down and made an hour long presentation to share with my family and friends.

I'd like to share that with you today. It's part of my paid course, but my gift to you right now for reading this on your Saturday. Thank you for that.

I've linked it in the auto-responder for the mastermind that Delina Fajardo and I are hosting. If you sign up and check it out, you'll get that presentation along with some great info about the mastermind, if you're so inclined. It's a great group of folks, our next meetup is in 2 weeks.


Anyway, I read the book and it opened me up to a new possibility, that Tony Robbins was someone to whom it was worth paying attention.

When Black Friday rolled around, I had the opportunity to buy 2 for 1 tickets to his Unleash The Power Within event in New Jersey for March.

At first I was fighting a lot of preconceived notions. I thought it would be a “motivational seminar” (it's not) I thought it might be a waste of time (it wasn't) I thought I might be surrounded by cultish, blind followers of some sort of guru (nope).

Looking back, it was just simple fear of the unknown that held me back, but more on that later.

I decided to put my fears and beliefs aside, and Jeremy agreed to split costs with me.

We went had a blast. I met so many incredible people and for the first time in a long time, felt like I was at home. Happy, productive, successful and most of all, friendly and playful people, of all age groups and all walks of life. Everyone was there to learn and grow and there was no pretense or holier than thou crap.

Tony's content was solid, but what struck me more is that this man has a lot of experience and wisdom to share. He's a world class coach, speaker and author, but what really resonated with me is that he's a real servant, and a real leader.

He's made so much money not because he's taking advantage or playing on people's insecurities, but because he really wants to help and serve people at the highest level. And it shows.

What's more, in addition to being one of the best in the world at it, he obviously loves what he does, because his schedule is grueling! He's the hardest working person I've ever seen, met or heard of. 15 hours on stage, even with his voice shot.

And for the last 38 years! I mean really, kudos. I can't think of a lot of people who would continue that kind of pace after being so successful. People just aren't that selfless, right?

Or so I thought at the time.

I'm so glad I gave this book a shot. It lead to me attending 6 seminars in 2015, and an incredible amount of growth and knowledge gained. I've met incredible people, too many to list. I've completely changed careers and made a very significant amount of money teaching people what I've learned along the way, as a successful hedge fund founder, real estate professional, investor, entrepreneur, coach and world traveler.

Make More Marbles is the latest iteration of that. I want to provide people with the best content and resources possible to not only overcome their struggles, but to create abundance in every area of their lives. I know from experience that the more success, money, love and growth you have in your life, it has a ripple effect on your loved ones, your community and the world at large.

The world needs leaders more than ever. It needs people to share their experience and learn to do it in a meaningful and engaging way. It needs people to create abundance for themselves, so that their cups are full and they can give without reservation to others.

Tony shared a great example with me, and I want to do the same for you. If Money is still something you don't feel as though you've mastered, specifically the art of having money work for you, then you'll want to check out the book.

Like Peter Diamandis's book Abundance which I gave away copies of last week, I'm doing another giveaway this week. It went so well that I think I'm going to keep doing them and making them bigger. If you're my friend on FB or signed up for any of my email lists, you'll not only get access to giveaways like these, but all the best content and resources I share as often as I can.

So please, if any of this resonates with you, take a moment to enter and share this giveaway, and follow my journey as I learn to share what I've learned over many years in various industries. It may change your life as well, and I believe the ripple effects that can have are worth sharing every part of myself that I can, every struggle, every win, every tool, every resource.

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I'll get back to the story in just a moment, but here are a few great resources from the blog that people have been liking, emailing me about, sharing and most of all using to make their lives better.

This is a great one on productivity, with resources on how to reclaim your time and energy:

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Here is a video on 30 day alcohol challenges that's been viewed over 7000 times on YouTube:
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Here's one of Clarity.fm founder Dan Martell and I discussing money management basics for everyone. I've gotten dozens upon dozens of emails about it.

And finally, here's a fun one about How To Live Like A Nomad And Travel Perpetually (I love to travel, and have been to 20+ different places in the last 6 months!)

I hope that any or all of these resources could help you solve a problem you might be struggling with. We all need a fresh perspective sometimes.

Look. I'm not special. And I certainly don't have it ‘all figured out'. I'm just a guy from NY. We didn't have much growing up. My dad was a disabled alcoholic and my mom had to leave to work to support us. I basically raised myself. I worked since I was 13 and busted my ass. He passed away when I was 24. I had no real role models except for the ones I had read about in books up until that point. I had to learn the game of business and life the old fashioned way… screwing up and learning.

It was hard. It still is sometimes. I almost gave up a ton of times. But thankfully, the universe had bigger plans for me, and was infinitely patient with me. For that, I am grateful, because I know now why I'm here and what I'm meant to do– to serve at the highest level possible.

I've made, missed out on, and lost a lot of money. I've gone from emotionally dead to more alive and joyful than I ever thought was possible. I've overcome addictions and made tons of mistakes. I've made friends and lost them. I've fucked up. Lots.

I've consistently attracted incredible people into my life, building a world class tribe and helping thousands of people to overcome their struggles and do the same. It's what I love to do more than anything else. And if you're so inclined, you can serve and lead and earn and create anything you ever wanted. It's wide open and right in front of you.

But it takes work, faith and education. You must learn what works. You must adopt the unfuckwithable attitude, as I have, that you can take whatever comes and make the best out of it, and keep going no matter what. No matter what anyone says or does or how many times you fail. Because every failure carries with it the see of opportunity, and you never know when the next big win is coming. Each learning experience increases your odds of success in the future.

Tony has tools that can help you find the way. In money, finances, emotional and physical mastery, business and more. The man is a national treasure, and I want his work to touch more people. If you're interested in attending an event, I'd be happy to set you up with the right people to give you discounts so that you can make it happen. Don't let money and time stand in your way if you even remotely want to go. There will always be an excuse why not. Now is always the right time to take action. It's been the most incredible experience of my life. You can do it completely anonymously. I don't care. Your journey is your journey.

Even after the first two events, I only got marginal benefits. But I could tell it was working, and I kept going, and that's made all the difference. Things just kept clicking into place and slowly, painfully slowly at first, things got better for me. I felt and acted and performed better than I ever had. And it started to snowball and get faster. It's still blowing me away. I've had the honor to meet my heroes, travel, speak, and serve.

If you're still reading this, you know there's an answer and you're determined to find it. Your mind might be fighting you, like mine did. I had to get out of my head more often and into my heart before life began to click into place for me. I had to stop thinking about myself all the time and help others to have the freedom, money, joy and time that I wanted. I'm still learning and growing and sharing.

You will have to make the same choice to go on your own journey. And I'd be honored to have you along for mine as well.

Thanks for reading, please check out what I've been working on, and enjoy the giveaway. This book lead me on a journey that I'll never forget, but you can choose any one you like. If you want a specific recommendation or a connection to Tony's organization, I'd be happy to facilitate. Just pop me a message here.

Be well, friends.