I got my start writing on the internet for travel blogs as a NYC correspondent for a now defunct travel blog called NotAnotherGuide. I really enjoyed giving my favorite restaurants, and even made a few neighborhood guides, detailing my 20-something version of the perfect day.

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Other great resources from around the web:

Nomadic Matt: A great site for travelers who want to save money on flights, learn to purchase travel insurance, get the best deals while traveling in a country you've never been to, and much, much more. Check out his book on How to Travel the World on $50/day. It's the best $10 investment you'll ever make and will save you thousands with real world, practical tips.

Perpetual Travel: This guide is a no frills bible for the mindset, emotions and practical parts of traveling for an indefinite amount of time.

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts: THE book for those who wish to travel for an extended period of time, full of philosophy and practical tips for living with only what you can carry for extended periods of time in any country, around the world. This is the one book I recommend for anyone interested in long term travel.

The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss (Blog Here) Tim's blog is a cornucopia of great content about travel, time hacking, automation, delegation, automation and elimination, so you can use leverage to increase your income and productivity, and live wherever you like. I've read his book at least 8 or 9 times now, and spent time with the man himself in Africa, so I guess you can say I'm a fan, but that doesn't discount the wealth of knowledge his blog and books provide.

Justin Alexander: A friend who was once told by the actor that plays “The Most Interesting Man In The World” in the Dos Equis commercials that he was in fact “THE most interesting man in the world”. Justin climbs bridges for fun, travels year round, fights, rides motorcycles and has more fun than anyone I've ever met. He's also a really kind, down to earth guy. Check out this podcast for some really insightful travel knowledge and to hear more about his amazing journey thus far.

The Daily Travel Podcast: Featuring Chris Guillebeau, Nomadic Matt and several other top travel bloggers, this daily podcast is one of the best resources I've found. Recommended by my good friend Ginger Kern who I mention in the video. Ginger is an inspiring coach, speaker and entrepreneur from Boulder, CO. She's working on The Passport Project: an initiative to match those who's lives have been changed by travel with kids who may not have the resources to travel, so that they can expand their horizons as well.

The Art of Non Conformity: An awesome blog with great tips for travelers, entrepreneurs and those who wish to live the nomadic lifestyle. Chris has written a number of books on these subjects as well, including his blog's namesake, and The $100 Startup.

Want to stay fit while you're on the road? Check out this video Frank and I made here:

10 Body Weight Exercises – The Only Travel Workout You’ll Ever Need

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As always, let me know your favorite travel resources, tips and hacks in the comments below, and keep the questions coming!

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