As you learn to lead yourself, others will start to take notice and turn to you to be led.

Here's what happens as you start to lead more and more…

After a while, you've led so many that you start to see all the patterns in their behavior.

You start to understand and anticipate their needs.

You see how to best serve and support them.

And in doing so, they can become aligned with your mission in the world.

They begin to see success in your engine, and the impact you can have is exponentially increased.

Your influence begins to rise as you spend less of your own time, energy, and attention but somehow continue to influence more.

Your income begins to go up, as your time is now more valuable.

You begin to create more products and services.

You create systems, value chains by which every part of a customer/client life cycle is figured out, perfected, and turned into a process.

A video, a workflow, and a checklist (which is always open whether a task has been performed 1,000 times or once) assures quality control, accountability, and that the value chain remains unbroken.

These should be so simple to follow that they become a playbook for your entire business.

You continue to eliminate, automate, delegate, and liberate yourself from the equation, so you can focus on bigger and bigger impact.

You reward others for their contribution and teach, mentor, and show them the light along the way.

They see the impact that THEY have on others, which builds the confidence and the evidence that they can continue to do the same.

Your values continue to be refined and better defined. Your values and beliefs create your standards, your thoughts, words, actions, habits, and ultimately your destiny, throughout this process.

This is true not only of every individual, but everyone in an organization as well.

So leadership evolves from just managing the flow to eventually setting a bigger and bigger vision.

Getting it crystal clear so everyone in the company or even those involved can see it, understand it, find a way to sink their teeth into it.

You cultivate inspiration, incentive, and impact that gives the work the organization does meaning.

You consistently find ways to serve more people and create abundant and profitable exchange for everyone you serve, including yourself and your team.

And that is the way magic happens, folks.

But it all starts with you.