How do you start as an entrepreneur?

First, having a definition we can wrap our heads around is important.

Really, entrepreneurship is being an agent of conscious change.

Taking resources from areas of low yield and arranging them in a way where they add more value to others and therefore produce a high yield.

Investing, as a corollary and next step is once you have resources, moving them from areas of high risk (the possibility of loss) to low risk, so that they continue to yield without being lost.

What does this mean in plain English?

It means you see opportunities to do one of those things, thereby adding more value for yourself and others. An abundant exchange, conscious co-creation for value in return.

It's really difficult to bring a successful product or service to the market at first.

More people fail than succeed at this.

You are probably one of those people in the majority.

Even the most successful business people in history failed a LOT before they won and continued to fail on a daily basis.

It's a much better strategy to start with what's already working and get that moving so there's cash flow.

This could be working for, apprenticing with, or being mentored by someone who already has a successful track record in business.

Start with what people already need, want, and desire.

From that place of cash flow, where your basic needs are met, now is the tricky bit.

Leading yourself, raising your standards, expanding your vision, stoking the pain of not living up to those standards and vision, so you'll have the fuel to take action.

If you don't, you'll be like a thermostat.

You'll have a comfortable set point, and if you fall below it, you'll work harder to get back there for a short while.

If you have more than you need, however, you'll slowly take your foot off the gas and start sabotaging yourself in subtle ways.

You MUST be able to consistently and intelligently raise your standards, your peer group, and the things you will accept and not accept in your life.

In using your brains natural pain and pleasure mechanisms (people are typically WAY more likely to be motivated by pain than by pleasure), you can lead yourself.

From a place of self-leadership, you can consistently train yourself and your nervous system to wire and fire positive emotional states.

This is a simple but massively effective process called neuro-associative conditioning. Tony Robbins is the best in the world at it.

He gives you the tools and the understanding to wire and fire key emotional states that will help you progress, consistently raising your standards over time.

When you can lead yourself in this way, others start to take notice and you can lead them as well.