Before we dig into this, we must first ask, what is a business?

Think of every single business as a machine that brings value to people in exchange for value.

All businesses exist to serve people.

LEADS: Without people who are qualified, and interested in your product or service, you have no leads, and therefore no customers/clients.

SALES: Without a process by which to help those people make the best decision for them to make an abundant exchange happen, there is no money, no value for value.

VALUE: A profitable, abundant exchange is where both parties come away with more value perceived than what they gave for that value. When someone pays for something where they don't get enough or get no value, and the intent was to not provide, it's a scam.

(Caveat: It DOES take two to tango, as a customer/client you have to actually DO or USE the product or service you bought to get the value.)

OPERATIONS: Finally the process by which all of this is tracked, organized, managed and delivered at scale and with little effort on the part of the provider is called operations. Without operations, you have no idea what's working and what isn't, and you're on your way to a disaster.

So, what do you offer?

What you have mastered, or seems like common sense, is NOT common to everyone.

Your unconscious competence might be their biggest pain in life.

What you have created, tinkered with, perfected, systematized, and scaled takes little ongoing energy to fulfill, but can add massive value to more people.