I've been an entrepreneur since age 12, when one day, there wasn't enough money to fix our lawnmower.

You see, my dad was injured since I was two, and my mom had to leave to find work.

So I did all the dishes, took out the trash, mowed the lawn, whatever needed doing.

One day, I went to my neighbor, asked to borrow his mower, and had an idea.

“Hey, will you pay me $20 to mow your lawn?”

He said yes!

I didn't have a plan. I wasn't trying to start a business.

But pretty soon, I had a way to earn extra money that my family desperately needed.

Every action is perfect in its imperfection.

You never fail; you only win or learn.

The only way you can truly fail is to quit or, in other words, stop taking action.

Since then, I've had many, many jobs and started many, many businesses.

Many did not work out, or they worked out for a while.

Some were a smashing success!

I want to help you learn, grow, serve, lead and win faster.

I'm here to help you learn from my mistakes and model my successes.

So you don't have to struggle like I did.

The following are key cogs in the wheel of your business:

Leads, Sales, Value, Operations

Ideas, People, Timing, Numbers

What, Who, When, How, Why

Result, Purpose, Massive Action

I’ll expand on this next time and dive into the dirt of what a business is.

Because you can't build something that you don't understand.