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Why do this?

Reason #1: To increase cash on cash return on an income property by a factor of 2-3x vs a traditional landlord-tenant model.

Reason #2: To limit the amount of time, energy, attention taken up by owning the property, by setting up simple, efficient systems to manage day to day operations.

You want to have passive income. Sounds nice, right?

But is “passive income” truly passive? You may have considered buying a property to rent out, but with the recent housing downturn and an unknown financial future, how can you make a sound investment decision?

…And what about the headaches? Dealing with tenants, or even property managers, contractors and maintenance workers can be a hassle.

In these articles, I’m going to show you how you can build a healthy side income using AirBNB.

I will lay out the following:

  • The proven blueprint to setting up a successfully automated AirBNB rental
  • Brand new ideas and strategies to manage a multi-family apartment complex
  • Case studies, interviews, tools, tech and resources.
  • What could go wrong? The potential risks and how to mitigate them

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Without further ado, here is the content:

Why focus on cash flow instead of flipping houses? Short answer? Risk. First, a little bit of background on investing vs trading:

Investment Property Vs. Flipping Houses and Why Cash Flow is King

Traditional Income Properties

Want to use AirBNB to increase your rental income? Look no further.

How To Increase Your Rental Income 2-3x with AirBNB 

What about the headaches? How can you avoid the hassles and free up your time, attention and energy?

Systems To Make AirBNB Rental Go Smoothly PLUS An Interview With Jeff who ran a $100k+ AirBNB Business in NYC

Case Study #2: Aaron, who uses AirBNB to provide a service to his community.

What happens when things go wrong? What about taxes and other legal implications of running an AirBNB business?

Mitigating risks: Taxes and Legal Implications of Running an AirBNB business

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Check out this testimonial from Tyler, who used the AirBNB Blueprint to 3x his revenue and 2x his profit compared to similar units in his building:

Tyler Watkins Make More Marbles AirBNB BluePrint Testimonial from Brad Hart on Vimeo.