Time stamped show notes:

[01:16] Allen is the founder of Bestself.co.

[02:52] He was in college when he started to think about starting a business. He just didn't know what.

[03:20] Allen lost his mom and went through a quarter-life crisis.

[03:43] He did not have a definite purpose in life.

[04:11] He met his business partner, Katherine, in an entrepreneur program.

[04:52] They became accountability partners for a year and started a joint venture.

[05:32] They were really being intentional with their time and what to focus on. They were able to experience massive growth because of it. Then this became the framework of one of their flagship products, the Self Journal.

[17:29] Learn from people what they actually need and try something that is different.

[20:05] Anything that we say yes to today, hurts us tomorrow if an opportunity comes up. Be very diligent about what we say yes and no to.

[23:21] Put your employees first in all aspects of their life. Find out why they're working for you and provide that resource.  

[25:02] Capitalism is the best form of bartering.

Three key points:

  1. Know your mission and purpose.
  2. Think about all that impacts.
  3. Take massive action.

Resources mentioned:

  1. Book: Principles by Ray Dalio
  2. Book: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

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