Time stamped show notes:

[00:31] Introductions

[02:33] Karen's vision of moving to New York and working in the fashion industry

[03:28] Her simple formula that helped her get products to stores

[05:02] Business as a form of therapy

[06:15] Dreams and happiness

[08:20] You are the brand.

[10:24] What Karen believes you should do if you have a product idea

[12:40] What drives you to be successful

[13:30] Painful events

[19:00] Having more levels of distributions

[30:30] Karen's secret sauce

[34:20] Creating a story around your product

[35:00] Deliver your story to the right person at the right time.

[38: 05] “Retail Factoring”

[41:10] Buyers don't want any emotional connection with vendors.

[44:05] RetailMBA

[46:06] Community you can join

Three key points:

1. Creating your story and brand

2. Getting into the product business

3. Conveying your product to vendors to get shelf space

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