When something feels off, talk it out

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Time stamped show notes:

Kylie is the creator of Juicy Transformations. She helps entrepreneurs who have anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, loneliness, etc, come back to life. She's celebrating overcoming challenge with ease. And, it's her birthday.

01:48 Putting on a retreat called Alive, for successful entrepreneurs to come into their bodies, so they can come alive. Was going to be the end of June, but the dates booked out, so now it's in July. Things keep changing, and it feels weird. I'm looking for feedback – I feel like my footing is unclear. In my personal life, I rock the unknown. I haven't mastered it in business yet. 

03:07 It's that you can recognize what you need help with. 

03:17 Question: Do you feel off balance? Do you feel out of alignment? Do you feel resistance? 

03:27 I usually just know. Something says, “Go do this.” So I do and it's fucking awesome. 

03:56 Question: So are there no messages at all? Is it just quiet? Is it different?

04:02 It's quiet. Could be a growth/openness phase, but it feels really quiet. 

04:09 Question: So why is there a push to fill anything? 

04:13 There's a deposit on the place in Idyllwild. Nobody's paid yet. I have someone coming tonight to join in and give me money. They're flexible. I have an assistant coming, who would love to have dates to confirm. 

04:42 Question: What do you need to get a “hell, yes!”? 

04:59 It just feels like a body-knowingness. 

05:01 Suggestion: Sometimes is buyer's remorse, where we sabotage so we can back of the thing we really want and not feel bad, but also not give ourselves the gift of what we really wanted. Or just sabotage in general, we deny ourselves the thing. 

05:43 I definitely question that. If I just have a thing, I can still move forward when my body is having a response. I'm questioning if there's something else that I'm supposed to do that would be higher than what I'd planned. 

06:18 It's not a no. It's not a yes. It's just, okay. 

06:26  Question: How clear are you on the experience?

06:28 100% clear. 

06:30 You felt it already happening?

06:32 Yes. Not with the dates, but with the people who will come, the results that they will have, the ripple effects. The date is not clear.

06:55 Where do you feel it in your body? 

06:57 Solar plexus, heart. And now that I'm talking about it, a little in my throat. 

07:04 Suggestion: Have you played with other dates? Or let go of the need it to be a certain way? 

07:16 No, I haven't let go. I'm obsessed with this place in Idyllwild. The thing with the dates is it seems like it's getting later and later. I'll eventually be travelling. Should I scrap it and work with one on one clients? No, I should focus on the retreat. 

07:50 Question: When you're making intuitive choices, do you only clear the space, surrender, open, and then allow what is to fill in? To make that intuitive choice? Or do you also explore muscle testing, binary choices, yes/no, this/that?

08:05 I do both. And I usually do the second piece only if the body-knowingness isn't first. What feels light? What feels heavy? I tune into what does it feel like if I don't do that? What does it feel like if I do do that? 

08:26 Suggestion: You're still reeling from a little shock to your system with the lease thing. If one thing goes wrong a bunch of momentum can get lost. Give it a day or two, then see how you feel. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Give it time.
  2. If you’ve trusted your intuition before, there’s no reason to stop now.
  3. Ask for help. 

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