Trevor Crane is the CEO of Epic Author and he himself is a best-selling author helping others get their books published and how to lead those into high ticket offers.


What have been some of the most significant shifts that you've had to make in perspective over the years? 3:56

Why Trevor has a genuine belief that not everyone is ready to receive help. 8:39

How Trevor's approach to sales is different from most salespeople. 15:12

We all want to influence people to do what we want them to do because we think we're here to help them. 17:22

Have you given up on anything? 22:37

The biggest lie about writing a book -. 26:05

Why do you need to start with your mission first, your money-making plan second, then your book. 28:43

The bigger mission beyond this and why he does what he does. 34:18

You have instant authority because you are a sought-after commodity. 39:38

Get the client-to-client conversation started now before you ever have anything to sell. 43:20

Who can you ask for help from? 46:34

Be coachable and share your ideas. 50:47

When you're not a good receiver, you rob the recipient of the gift of giving. 53:43 Where you can find out more about Trevor Crane. 59:16


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