Welcome to another episode of Make More Marbles Podcast with Brad Hart with guest Justin Breen (Founder/CEO of BrEpic Network).

In this episode, Justin discusses the two main components of becoming a visionary: Having the right IQ and having the right EQ balance. There are two types of geniuses: those with no genius brain and those with a genius heart. To become a visionary, you must have both. A true visionary has three attributes:
1. Be able to see things before other people
2. Live in full abundance
3. Only look at things as an investment and not as a cost
4. Have endless empathy, Empathy is the key to being a good visionary.

Justin believes that most visionaries have some form of empathy, including ADD, mild Asperger's, dyslexia, and Hi IQ or EQ. Most visionaries are triggered by major life events, such as bankruptcy, trauma, etc.

Justin explains his Complexity graph he created himself to create abundance.

He also goes thru Master Mindo's graph of “Level of Consciousness”.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal – Earl Nightingale

How to become a visionary? According to Justin, you have to be born with all the right conditions to become one. It all comes down to two main components;

The right amount of IQ and the right amount of EQ. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are two types of intelligence that measure different abilities.

Justin and Brad also discuss how Women have an unfair fight against men, even when it comes to become a visionary.

Brad asked; In your opinion how do visionaries best increase their ability to communicate and how do they build structures to maximize their efforts.

Every weakness that any visionary has, every “weakness” is an opportunity to find a collaborate strength.

There are mainly 2 types of geniuses;
1. Genius Brain with no Genius Heart (Robots)
2. Genius Heart without Genius Brain (hippies, non-profit)

But to become a visionary you have both, Genius Brain and Heart.

According to Justin, most visionaries have at least one of these “trades”;

1. ADD
2. Mild Asperger
3. Dyslexia
4. Hi IQ or EQ

Most visionaries are trigger by big life events like;

1. Bankruptcy
2. Trauma
3. High Anxiety
4. Depression

Brad asked, if you could put a bumper sticker out for the whole world to see, what would it read;
I'm a dad that happens to be an entrepreneur, and not an entrepreneur that happens to be a dad.

Visit Justin's website: https://brepicnetwork.org/

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