Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode Brad Hart talks with guest Kyle Rodgers ( CEO of Bot Fox).

Kyle has been in direct sales for over a decade, with a slow beginning growing a thicker skin every day. How he learned to rapidly build an emotional connection and being able to move your sales process.

He also shares tips how to tap into networks, audiences, and leverage collaboration to increase traffic. Kyle shares tips to make all this process hands-off by leveraging 100% commission-based appointment-setters.

Other topics covered on this episode;

How to use Facebook messenger using warm and hot outreach
Tap into transferred authority.

The goal of any relationship should be to grow.

The value of networking is always greater even when working for free.

Trust and emotion are important, but first you must have their attention.

The importance of scarcity.

Sharing Productivity Hacks you can implement today!

Get a free copy of Kyle's Zero Resistance Messenger Script at https://www.scalesalesteams.com

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