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Time stamped show notes:

Russell is a teacher and a healer. He works in digital media and technology. He feels called to help people who struggle with suicidal thoughts. He's grateful for new connections.

02:41 Challenge: Launching a new company and open to investment opportunities.

02:46 What's the result you get for your clients?

02:52 It's a disruptor for Tinder and Bumble; it's a more conscious paradigm.

03:08 Question: What's the exact challenge? In a few words.

03:12 New clientele, right away.

03:34 Question: What's your favorite job? What exactly could you get a client for tomorrow?

03:44 Innovative tech startup. Anything that needs human-machine interaction. Any UX interface that I could improve.

04:22 Question: Where can people check out your work?

04:23 also is my personal hub.

04:56 Question: Are you on Upwork and everything?

04:56 Yes.

04:59 Question: What's been your experience with Upwork?

Had a lead on a client, but then I had to move, and lost it.

05:11 Question: Can you advertise on Upwork?

05:13 I've tried a few things. If someone is open to reflecting that stuff for me, I'd appreciate it.

05:34 Suggestion: I get a lot of side jobs through Craigslist. It's $5/month. Include all the relevant tags.

Two Key Points:

  1. Don’t underestimate Craigslist
  2. Network network network

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