Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode of “LIVE Mastermind Q&A” with Brad Hart and guest Chris Chandler-Yates ( Coaching / Motivational speaker ).

How do you handle different room dynamics within your mastermind?

You have to learn how to deal with people individually, and sometimes some people just need to feel heard. Ask clarifying questions and always try to build stronger bonds with people.

What is the best time to have a meeting and how long should it last?

It varies from time to time but lately what most of us agree is 1pm Pacific Time on Wednesday. But, there is never going to be a magical time that fits everybody. So you have to pick a time that is sustainable for YOU willingly meeting peoples needs whenever possible.

What Price Should I Charge?
How to value your mastermind can be tricky, but if you are able to look at it as a consumer, as a client. What price would you consider fair if it was you paying for it. And, that also can very from person to person.

Brad talks about the 4 more important aspects of a mastermind;

So if you don't have the promise figured out, it's going to be hard to nail down an accurate pricing. Then you have to keep in mind the structure that allows you to execute that promise. And finally positioning, which involves branding and marketing. All these aspects will help you determing a good price for your mastermind.

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