Welcome to another episode of Make More Marbles Podcast. On today's episode (replay) we talk with Cameron Herold author of great books and also founder of COO Alliance. They have 170 full time members of the COO Alliance and looking to get at least 250 by end of year, and 500 over the next few years. They are also going to launch a closed, private Facebook Community, probably this year, with a possible much lower price point and take that up to about 5,000 to 10,000 members. His book, Second in Command came out on January 24th and he personally did the audio version of the book. Most often we hear about the CEO/COO side of the business but not the entrepreneurial side for the operations.

What made it easier for Cameron Herold to become a great writer and an entrepreneur was when he met Tucker Max and Zach Oberon at a Mastermind group, Mastermind Talks. He was able to connect with them through their company, Book in a Box, which has now become Scribe; he agreed to do three books with them. Herold states that he is able to use their ways to easily put the ideas he has in his head into print. He is also a small investor and advisor to Scribe.

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