Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode Brad talks to James Guldan (Founder of Magic Agency)

James talks about how he started on his entrepreneurship and dealing with digital marketing. He explains how important is to find the right type of clients so your work life is as enjoyable as your private life. Focusing on the importance of staying positive and having a positive state of mind, will attract great things in your life. Also explains how living on an abundance mindset will help every aspect of your life, and how having impactful health issues can help you find joy on anything. Not every moment can be a happy moment, but every moment can be joyful.

How marketing positions the buyer to what they need. You solve what they need and you give them what they want.

He also explains why he wants to focus on wellness and preventive medicine. Taking care of yourself in a very powerful way.

James also talks about how Dalai Lama has been one his favorite client, doing marketing for one of Dalai documentaries.

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