Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode of “Mastermind for Entrepreneurs” with Chris Chandler-Yates ( Coaching / Motivational speaker ).
Starting a new business!
Beginner's mind, tackling dragons, and more!

Brad and Chris share some their personal experiences starting a new business. How starting a new business is not easy, and it takes a lot from anybody. Going from zero to one it's the hardest part of any business. Building up an audience, client/costumer base is going to be your biggest task when starting a new business.

Experience is valuable! going thru each mistake and lessons learned are extremely important to someone that has never done this before. That's why is key to get a good coach in the beginning, somebody with experience that has done what you are trying to do before.

For example, learn from your competitors!

When it comes down to, it is all about time management, spending your time wisely. Even down to “screen/phone” time!

Also, the idea of going into a new business adventure with no expectations of winning and start small to minimize risk. Master one “thing” before you can move to the next “thing”.

Each business's success always comes down to the number's game, and all you have control over, is having good inputs and how you show up.

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