n This Episode of Make More Marbles Podcast, Brad Hart is Interviewed by Ray Brehm (Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and founder of Dauntless Prose).

Are Masterminds Right for You?

Brad starts by sharing how his mastermind success started.

He also covered the types of masterminds;
1:1 Coaching
Group Coaching
Live Events

Mastermind is a lower-risk, higher-return model.
Highest Income
Lower need for inventory
Low overhead
Highest Profit

They can be in person, virtual or hybrid.

Brad digs into live examples of how masterminds actually work.

Ray asks Brad, what it takes to be qualify to be part of a mastermind. What you refer to is Imposter syndrome (IS), we just feel we are not good enough or deserve something, which is a very normal behavior.

Can you ask questions?
Can you help people clarify their message asking questions?
Can you do that in a room full of people, can you facilitate the same outcome?
That's more than half the battle.

That is the first step, Being clear!

Clarity is number one.

The other 2 are Community and Content.

Brad explains how valuable is for somebody to have your book, even if they got it for free! It open so many doors and opportunities to create great fit.

Also, another message to all writers out there, you are never done writing your book. And, if you don't have a backend offer, you are waisting your time.

Your book is an important piece of the puzzle to find the right types of clients you are looking for.
More about my Book: 8MinuteMastermind.com

Eisenhower matrix teaches you what's important and prioritization.
Results and relationships book bases these two aspects using an Eisenhower-style matrix.

The business model is, am I getting results and relationships?

How to price a mastermind;

Ray ask, How can you get a mastermind up a running quickly with the highest return, compare to all the rest?

How long does it take to write a book? A long time.

How long to write a course? A long time.

Any business model you see, you only see the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more behind the scenes to make that happened.

What's your Vision?
Invite 20 People to a Market Research Call
WCC wine, conversation and cash
Create Content, and offer something for free

With Mastermind you create relationships that last a lifetime!
Relationships are the keystone to wealth!

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