Welcome to Make More Marbles Podcast, in this episode of “Mastermind for Entrepreneurs” Q&A with Chris Chandler-Yates ( Coaching / Motivational speaker ).

Brad explains how important is to have a good “mindset”, it doesn't matter how great the new information you are getting is, if you don't have a good mindset, you are wasting your time.

Some of the questions are; What's the biggest difference between Small & Big Business? Big business is not harder, it requires more experience intelligently applied.

How to transition from Small Business to Big Business?
What are the 3 Core Skills to get to 6,7,8 figures and beyond? “Sales, Marketing and Leadership”.

How can I 10X or 100x with the same amount of work that would take me to make 2x? Delegating, creating partnerships and alliances.

Chris also explains more about his Motorcycle Mastermind Event.

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