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Time stamped show notes:

Giovanna is the author of Let Me Break it Down for You. She's grateful for her Q&A experience at Eve. 

01:34 Challenge: What is the best social media platform for Lives. Does Facebook Lives every Wednesday, “Wellness Wednesday, Holistic Happy Hour.” How do I figure out which platform to focus most on? Which would be most effective? Which would be best for reaching a larger audience and which would be best for gaining a larger audience? 

02:51 Question: What do you use the most right now?

02:51 Facebook.

02:53 Question: How big is your following there? 

02:55 1500 friends. Nobody on my page. 

03:09 Question: What are you leading them to, ultimately. To buy the book? To watch more of you on stage? 

03:20 Half of the attendees last night bought the book. Some people bought multiple books. Good question; the goal is not about the book, but that seems to be a thing that will happen. How can I reach the most people so they can also see the value that I have? 

03:56 Question: So what's the end goal?

04:01 The end goal is to get this information to as many people as possible.

04:19 Suggestion: Facebook is a walled garden. It's hard to reach people. But if you're already making videos, there's no reason why you can't put them on YouTube and Facebook.

04:30 Question: Why aren't you interested in all three? 

04:34 From my experience, when you post from YouTube to Facebook, they block you.

04:39 Suggestion: You need to upload to both. 

04:45 Focus on all the platforms where your followers would be. So if they're on Instagram, you want to do that, too. 

05:13 Suggestion: It seem overwhelming to focus on all of the platforms. You want omni-channel distribution, because your audience is all over the place. Think of making content that you can leverage across different platforms. You don't want to just copy/paste the content to the different platforms. Pick something from the content, and rework it to work better with each platform. Say you do a video, for Instagram you choose a 30 second or one-minute clip from that video to drive to a YouTube channel. 

06:47 Suggestion: Do you know Liz Germain? She's the YouTube queen, and can help you get clear on a business model. 

07:10 Suggestion: If you want to focus on one to get started, Instagram is a good choice – it has the most traffic and attention right now. Try to get 10K followers, then you can access a direct purchase feature. 

07:34 Challenge 2 – I don't know how to get followers. 

08:03 Suggestion: Sunny Letter Dootsy (??) for Instagram. 

08:22 Suggestion: Interviews. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Tweak your content a little to leverage different social media platforms.
  2. If you want to focus on one platform, Instagram is a good choice.
  3. Ask the experts for help.

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