Welcome to another episode of Make More Marbles Podcast with Brad Hart. In this episode Brad talks with Mike Brown (what does he do?) about How to Create Unbreakable Wealth and Pass it on to Future Generations.

Mike shares his personal journey starting from the beginning to what he has become today. From being part of the US Navy and how it transitioned into an investment firm, which ended up into an 8 figure exit. But also sharing his failing projects (so you don't make the same mistakes), ended up shifting his carrier into coaching.

It all leads back to the need to be able to master my emotions around money, before I can make it and keep it and so on. We only see a small portion of how the wealthy manage their portfolios. Their strategies are way less risky than we think.

What happens with many money stories, we all have these idea embedded in our brains that rich people are evil. We grow up believing this concept, that money is root of all evil. So if we have this mentality, this way of thinking about money, most of us end up savaging ourselves. Because our brain, subconsciously, want to protect us from becoming evil. We have to look back and see where those believes come from, and try to rewire those believes in order to have the life we really want.

Ultimately, it comes down to what each of us want out of life. Most people don't have that clear, or are even terrified to think about it. In many cases, this is not an “income” problem, it becomes a “mindset” problem. So solving this mindset problem, is one of the most important steps to get where we want to go.

Listen to the whole interview as Mike shares many other valuable money tips, like when to exit a profitable business, how to make good decisions with your money minimizing risk, and how AI may change the future of this and many other industries.

AI is a new problem that our society is facing, and soon we'll have to figure out a new system. A new way to make society work, even after many jobs will be obsolete.

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