Don’t worry about the title, focus on the work

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Time stamped show notes:

John is passionate about exploring how we relax and tune in to feel the presence of our greater self, how we celebrate the highs and embrace the lows of life, and how we tap into our creativity and imagination. He's thankful for family and friends. 


02:19 I'm a coach, but I'm looking for other hats to try on. What else can I do? 

02:29 Question: Are you asking how to start a mindfulness Mastermind? Are you looking for other group coaching models? 

02:37 Last week I introduced myself as a coach. But I don't need to be a coach. I can be a trainer, etc. I want to look for different models and titles. 

02:51 Question: Have you done market research to ask what resonates with people more? What does the person hiring you think? 

03:23 Have you asked those you've already helped how they would describe you? That's how I got thing – one of my clients said, “You're an intuitive strategist.” 

03:40 Question: Who are your ideal clients? Who do you like to work with the most? 

03:59 I'm familiar with the coaching model, but are there other ways to play? 

04:02 Suggestion: You can create your own! It's not about the title, it's about the offer. Let it unfold organically. Don't worry about putting a label on it until you've pinned down what it is you want to do. 

04:58 Question: How are you most comfortable teaching? When you're more comfortable it's going to land better. 

05:20 Tip: It's a work in progress, always. It's about what resonates with your people. Relate it more to the results your people want than what sounds cool for marketing. 

05:54 Suggestion: Drop the title of “coach” – that's not what you do. That doesn't mean that the coaching model won't work for you. 


Three Key points: 

  1. Don't get hung up on titles, focus on the work.
  2. Do what you're most comfortable with.
  3. It's always a work in progress.

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