Ross Brunson has spent his entire career helping entrepreneurs develop the ideal business structures for legal protection and tax advantages. He has had a front-row seat to how the digital age has transformed business.

Brad asks Ross how his business has evolved over the years.

Key points of this interview:

How did you get into this business? – 1:31

How do you get through to people who have had success when they're in their full-on ego mode? – 4:31

What's the line and how do you walk it? – 7:12

What is the structure that you might use as an example for your business? – 10:44

The best of all worlds – protecting the downsides. – 15:26

The benefits of having a CPA. – 18:15

How have you guided your family through harder times over the years? – 22:29

How have you found the balance between family and business? – 25:39

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