Brad Hart & Cole Gordon have a fantastic conversation on the value of having suitable systems and sales teams to accelerate your results in business. They talk about how masterminds helped Cole bring in even more revenue for his business, opportunities, and numbers, and working inside the company that you're passionate about.

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Key Points Cole Gordon:

Cole's Background-1:02

Your income is going to be equivalent to your skills-5:40

Having a great team of people-9:20

Working for a company in the industry you are passionate about-11:29

You can add an extra zero to your income or work two jobs and fail at both-17:02

As Entrepreneurs get busier they have less time for deep work- 17:54

The Tailwind Effect-22:25

Benefits of assembling the company vs Building from scratch –26:01

Learn and Transfer the skill vs hiring from outside-28:46

The opportunity and numbers game-30:27

Cole Gordon's Mastermind-31:43

Wrap up-42:08



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