In this interview, I talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with the CEO of Lurn Anik Singal. He explains why he decided to pivot into investing to further his journey on keeping his wealth.


Entrepreneur Mindset vs Investor Mindset – 3:14

Business Development – 5:37

What type of Entrepreneur are you? – 9:12

Journey of Entrepreneurship – 11:12

What makes your business valuable? – 19:02

The importance of Vertical Expansion – 23:11

Nobody is ever going to care about your business as much as you do-26:17

Test to know if you are on the right track – 27:51

Time and Health are the most important things – 28:42

Four stages to wealth creation – 30:00

Final Key Points to take away – 39:37

Benefits of Real Estate – 44:33

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