Time stamped show notes:

[00:36] How Brad and Eli met

[00:40] Who is Eli Wilde

[1:40] How Eli got into Tony Robbins and neuro-linguistic programming

[3:10] Anything can be broken down into a strategy

[4:00] What the episode will be about

[5:30] Who is Tony Robbins

[6:30] What is a pattern? What produces our results?

[7:02] SAM Framework

[8:00] Strategies to grow your hunger, vision, etc.

[8:56] Application for implementing those strategies: speed and implementation

[9:45] Mindset to do whatever it takes

[10:30] Where 80% of your success comes from

[11:45] Think about the last years of your life and patterns

[12:45] What gets measured gets improved

[13:40] Oprah's experience with Tony Robbins

[15:41] The million dollar question

[17:50] What is stopping you from making it to that next level?

[18:50] All patterns can be changed

[20:30] What is it that separates the most successful people from the rest?

[22:38] Your beliefs determine how you feel about subjects, behaviors, thoughts, etc.

[23:20] Limiting beliefs stop us from taking the most action. It stops us.

[23:50] Empowering beliefs

[25:28] What is it that you want in your life? What do you want to create?

[26:28] All results come from specific measurable actions.

[27:15] Tapping into a certain level of potential

[28:55] It all comes down to your belief about yourself.

[32:00] Stanford study shows that 50% of the patterns you have were conditioned by the age of 5

[34:18] What have these patterns cost you?

[34:30] Eli's story about being in LA, partying, destroying opportunities, etc.

[37:10] Question that triggered Eli

[40:00] Eli's story about getting to the point of enough and taking action

[44:00] The most successful people have all gone to one event…

[45:05] Unleash the Power Within event

[45:50] Mastermind day before the event

[46:05] VIP ticket discounts for listeners

[47:40] People come from all over the world to this event

[48:29] 10X more value if you join our group than anywhere else

[49:50] President Trump's momentum

[50:55] Proximity is power

[51:30] More info about Brad and the event

[57:10] Where to reach out and view more content, buy tickets, etc

Three key points:

  1. Framework used by Tony Robbins
  2. Where are you at in life with your patterns?
  3. How to stop being stuck and make drastic positive changes. Come to UPW with the Make More Marbles mastermind!

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