Alex is Founder & Managing Partner at 12 Oak Capital, a real estate firm partnering with best-in-class operators to bring private real estate deals to those seeking access to alternative investments. Brad and Alex talk about the advantages of large multi-family buildings of 100 doors or more.


What are some of the trends in the real estate market? – 2:33

How much is his own capital vs. institutional money vs. individual investors – 6:41

Is traditional construction meeting the needs of the underserved population? – 10:33

Are you investigating anything like 3-D printing? – 13:24

Why do jobs tend to be centralized in specific areas because that's where they're being built – 14:52

How can we support you? – 18:58

What's a typical deal for them? – 22:50

Do you have a rule of thumb for how much appreciation equals how much more can we pay for the debt? – 26:13

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