Welcome to another episode of Make More Marbles Podcast with Brad Hart. In this episode we talk to our good friend Chris Chandler-Yates ( Coaching / Motivational speaker).

We talk to how to launch, how to fill, how to run and how to scale a world-class mastermind that will add at least 100k to your business by only investing 5 to 10 hours per month.

There are 5 land mines that most people fall into;

Chris talks about how he first met Brad, and how that transformed his life. The amount of valuable people that Chris met at his first mastermind with Brad, is so so valuable, it is actually invaluable!

What is a mastermind?
A mastermind is basically a collection of individuals that you facilitate to get clarity on their biggest challenges. Whatever they want to move faster in their lives, and get a successful outcome. Orienting yourself towards results and relationships.

Between marketing research and internet marketing, you'll spend most of the time testing different versions or variations of your product(s) or service(s), over and over until you find something that works. After you find something that works, keeps testing different variations of that. The testing never stops.

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