In this interview, Brad Hart talks to Kyle Wilson, The Kingmaker Of Personal development. Kyle tells Brad how he started Jim Rohn international, his retirement in 2007, and his decision to come out of retirement by creating the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind.

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Kyle's Background-1:01

Evolution of Kyle's Inner Circle Mastermind-7:25

Why the price is not the determining factor of quality-11:44

Experimenting and Shifting-12:50

Be Authentic and stay true to your message-15:55

Figure out what your gifts are-16:48

Benefits of Networking and Events-17:40

Provide Value and Leverage other people's value-18:36

Fishing vs Hunting-20:59

Tactics vs Principles-23:39

Three key principles to keep in mind-26:28

Wrap up and where you can follow Kyle-31:41


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