Time stamped show notes:

[01:04] Tommy grew up in South America.

[01:34] Growing up, he knew early on that the traditional route for working for somebody else was not for him.

[01:37] He started an eBay business when was super young.

[01:47] For the fitness and gym industry, where he is right now, he is looking for problems through different angles.

[02:07] Not fitting in was actually gift for him. Because it allowed him to be creative and fall in love looking back in the mirror, falling in love with yourself.

[05:42] Tommy: He started helping people extract personal power and clarity. 

[06:20] Once they have the clarity, allow them the space to create a bold vision that moves them emotionally.

[11:40] Growth happens in an intersection of support and challenge.

[12:07] There are a lot of lessons that we can learn that are right in front of us. We don't have to go somewhere; we can just open our eyes a little bit more.

[14:22] If you don't address the physical, it will be become very hard to address the higher states.

[14:30] Tommy shared about his Spiritual Fitness Practice. It does involve a few moving parts, but it allows him to achieve the highest emotional state as possible, with a minimum amount of work. It's called Spiritual Fitness. Involves 5 emotional components, you have to be warmed up.

[17:24]  Tommy: Once you're already in the peak state, you have to protect it. We give our energy to stimulus, distraction, or maybe to social media, etc.  

[29:09] Is your environment pulling you toward the powerful vision and the feelings that you want to feel, or is it holding you back and reminding who you've been or where you've been?

[29:25] Your vibration really does attracts everything in your life.

[35:51] People want authenticity that creates connection, creates a powerful support system.

[37:38] It's never gonna be perfect, but we can collapse the time that we're going down the wrong road and pull toward where we want to go.

[39:10] Ready means you are open. Ready means surrender.

[44:04] Tommy: I want to help people place their self-esteem in their identity around the daily process, not the outcome. Because when we do that, we live a fulfilled life.

Three key points:

  1. Falling in love with yourself.
  2. Extracting personal power and clarity.
  3. Readiness

Resources mentioned:

  1. Book: Flow By Steven Kotler
  2. Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport
  3. Resist Average Academy podcast

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