Time stamped show notes:

[01:02] Sean grew up as an immigrant. Born in Korea and came to Canada when was about 7 years old. He understands the loneliness that you feel when you are in place like a foreign country and you can't communicate to anyone.

[01:26] Sean: Surrounding yourself with people who speak multiple languages and come from multiple cultures is the key to break down barriers in world today.  

[06:19] Sean talked about how they started. They early days were just grinding it out in the first year and a half. They started with a blog. Before they came up with the idea, they knew they wanted to be in the language space because of the open market.

[08:15] They didn't have capital or an angel investor. It was 100% customer funded. They really had to hustle and push out value, and it eventually paid off for them.

[10:28] Sean: Knowledge definitely not a problem. It's simply a lack of discipline, focus, and guidance to fall on a path that is oftentimes going to be a little bit longer than you originally thought.

[12:44] Brad: If you have an engine that's fueled by money, the more money you put in here, the more money that comes out over here.

[20:53] Seans' journey and failures: Biggest thing that people can relate to, when he started first business they raised  capital and last year in university. He dropped out to full time on the business.

[23:51] He was also rejected from US Border after first fulling his business, get a job in New York where he was denied a visa and sent home.  

[24:11] In Toronto, about month and half, he was homeless. Lived in hostel for first week and slept on a friend's couch.

[24:27] His original goal in Argentina was just to stay there for three months and go back to Toronto.

[25:36] The idea of Rype started when he was working, and he was making decent money in Colombia. He realized that he has been on this trip 8 months and did not know Spanish.

[25:41] This is where the idea to help busy people learn effectively in an affordable way came through.

[27:45] Eventually they started creating 4 figures a month, then 5 figures a month, and just started growing and growing from there.

[28:17] Biggest challenges along the way being a one man team.

[32:50] What's next for Sean: The vision and mission is to continue to grow. The high level of mission is help people that are busy, that are impacting world improve. Next move is shifting into a  different industry. Initially they want to help people with languages, but eventually they are going to help people learn faster by reading books faster, optimize health, mental mindsets.

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