Time stamped show notes:

[00:49] Jared teaches people how to think like a futurist.

[02:04] Jared shared a story about his turning point. He remembers that around 2008 he stopped and couldn't believe he was still in an insurance business.

[03:21] Jared clarified that he loves being able to solve problems, provide solutions, fight on behalf of his clients.

[04:47] Jared: The key is being genuine. Have a genuine heart to serve people, help people, and to help them create a better future and a better life.

[05:54] Jared's Philosophy: We have to change our perceptual location.

[08:17] Jared: The thing that I found to be the most powerful experience was watching individual people transform inside my organizations.

[08:30] Jared: I left one industry to get into another to make a bigger impact. I had to continue moving down that path to reach more people and to teach more people.

[09:07] Jared: Amazing things happen when you get clear internally about what impact I'm trying to make and what massage I'm putting out there, how am I reaching folks.

[12:24] How are other industries moving this kind of direction where they can talk about the future as if it's a far of place, but it's also right here now. How do we align future vision reality right now so this organization can actually win based on what already is true about humans, what they already want, and how to get aligned with that?

[17:55] People need to be told that it is okay not to have the answers right now, and they don't have to go to one extreme with another.

[19:20] Give yourself permission to go places that seem impossible.

[22:15] If you you keep focusing on your fear, you cannot take action toward anything. 

[30:01] Influence the conversation to empower the future you want to see.

Three key points:

  1. Make a better impact and contribute more.
  2. Have a genuine heart to serve people, help people, to help them create a better future and a better life.
  3. You have the ability to create and influence the future.

Resources mentioned:

  1. Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin
  2. The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin
  3. www.thenewfuturist.com

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