[1:10] Vanessa's short list of long achievements

[1:40] Working for 4 hours a day

[2:20] Entering into the new world of entrepreneur

[4:00] Entrepreneurship develops everybody into being a better you

[5:36] What will make your entrepreneurial dreams satisfied?

[6:51] Lessons through yoga

[8:00] Celebrating your achievements

[8:40] Grace, leisure, and ease

[10:24] Afford your journey

[11:00] Use your trials as a boost

[12:57] Create your grace and ease

[13:56] Allow yourself to say no to clients

[14:04] Burnt out by hustle

[14:53] Hustle vs. discernment

[16:25] Adrenaline exhaustion

[17:22] Honor yourself by valuing discernment

[18:30] Getting your own product out there

[19:41] Pushing to relax isn't relaxing

[21:13] Excitement and fear

[22:40] Getting to a comfortable homeless shelter

[23:36] Envisioning yourself on the couch next to Oprah

[25:46] Fears of the subconscious

[27:04] Letting those go who are willing to come back

[28:07] We all have fears

[29:14] Effects of adrenaline exhaustion

[31:05] A knife at the throat of 8-year old Vanessa Horn

[34:28] “Without my brain who am I?”

[36:04] Life rafts of intelligence

[37:53] Opening Vanessa's heart by divine assistance

[40:32] Warning signs of adrenaline exhaustion

[42:34] Pacing through exhaustion

[43:46] Cutting out inflamation

[45:57] Getting to sleep

[46:50] Breathe

[48:11] GO TO THE PARK!!!

[49:39] Your brain is not guaranteed to keep up with your lifestyle

[50:24] Inspiration from self-care

[52:16] Helping Vanessa make more marbles


3 Key Points:


  1. Allow yourself to feel the success that you have already made.
  2. Honor yourself by spending the time to increase your discernment as opposed to wasting so much time recuperating from hustling too hard.
  3. Your best marketing strategy is creating the life you love


Resources Mentioned:

Vanessa's two books “I'll Have What She's Having”& “Profit With Honor”


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