Time stamped show notes:

[00:57] Introduction

[01:14] Mat's purpose in being a coach and speaker

[02:02] Providing value and creating change in the most positive way

[04:10] Trial attorney in criminal defense, restaurant owner, and a drug addict for a short time

[04:43] Using every experience you can to serve people

[05:15] Leverage the experience to connect. We connect by storytelling.

[05:46] Not everyone can relate to success, but everybody can relate to failure.

[06:22] Vulnerability creates a space for others to be vulnerable.  

[06:37] Coaching relationship should never be 50/50

[08:20] Be clear with your what and your why when hiring a coach.

[09:55] It's over when values conflict.

[13:30] Know your values.

[14:11] Harnessing your intuition, anchoring your values, and being able to distinguish your intuition from your ego

[16:15] Ascension Leadership Academy

[17:29] Mat's book recommendation

[22:34] How are your beliefs imprisoning you?

[26:48] How to reach Mat

[29:41] Mat's parting words

 Three key points:

  1. Using your life experience to connect and serve others
  2. Getting clear on what you want before investing in coaching
  3. Beliefs and values

Resources mentioned:

  1. https://alasandiego.com/
  2. Book: The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz


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