Time stamped show notes:

[0:10] How Brad and Raj met at Burning Man

[2:50] About Raj and what he loves to do

[6:30] How Raj is the opposite of Brad in Wealth Dynamics

[7:20] Who he works with now

[8:05] Scaling his impact by helping other companies scale

[8:25] Creating a culture where your team's development and growth is part of the equation

[9:00] Sustaining your team

[12:00] Why visionaries struggle with scaling their ideas

[12:50] The most impactful issues start with the CEO and it trickles down.

[15:48] Motivating and incentivizing your team to care about your business as much as you do

[19:50] You need to start with clarity and market potential.

[21:30] Your team is a system and looking to see how its working together.

[22:00] Different stages of your business and how to adapt the best

[23:50] Breaking things down into urgent/important

[25:20] Raj loves using sports analogies

[28:50] The next thing Brad is focusing on in his journey

[30:00] Getting down to the nitty gritty of where people struggle

[31:50] The videos on Raj's landing page about what they do

[34:40] Moments of clarity and getting people to realize elements of scalability

[36:30] Success as an emerging property–you can't guarantee success.

[38:00] How to set yourself up for sustained success

[42:00] Breaking things into segments and letting people see the loop they're involved in

[43:00] You can't blame business owners for not knowing this stuff.

[44:10] How to reach out to Raj

[45:40] Raj is looking to hire two coaches and looking for software resources and investments.

Three key points:

  1. Why teams are crucial to the scaling of a company
  2. Breaking down the different stages of your business
  3. Where business owners struggle and how Raj supports companies looking to scale

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Contact Raj:

Raj@gotransformance dot com

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