Time stamped show notes:

[2:20] Chris's agency was looking good on the outside but feeling miserable on the inside.

[3:25] The company imploded and everything went wrong.

[3:50] Turning point where Chris decided to change everything

[4:40] The most painful but best time of Chris's life

[5:10] Spirituality as a guiding principle of Chris's life

[6:28] Brad was raised Catholic and how it now affects his life

[7:03] Gratitude is everything.

[7:40] How the universe will conspire against and for you

[8:40] Gratitude lists and how they have changed Chris's life

[11:05] Manifestation/law of attraction

[11:40] Trying too hard and getting frustrated when things don't happen

[12:30] Meeting with people and not looking for anything and being open and honest about where he was at

[13:47] Chris's favorite Steve Jobs quote

[15:05] Brad's history and experience with masterminds

[18:45] Intuition is everything to Chris.

[23:50] Why they don't watch the news

[25:00] Deciding whom to spend time with and when to cut people out

[27:25] Favorite ego quote from Chris

[28:15] Brad's writing about curing depression

[30:45] Chris's Unfair Advantage event in New York

[32:40] The media needs you just as much as you need them.

[34:30] Focusing on writing a book and doing more and more TV

[36:45] Chris's beliefs about money growing up

[37:30] Whom Chris looks up to in the super connector world

[40:20] Reading books and recommendations

[45:35] How to support Chris Winfield

[47:10] Where to find Chris and his event

Three key points:

  1. How gratitude, manifestation, and intuition play a big role for Chris
  2. Looking into media and books
  3. Chris's event and connecting with the best of the best

Resources mentioned:

Unfair Advantage Event

Nevil Goddard Books

Vanessa Horn Captivate Book

Ray Dalio's Principles Book

Think and Grow Rich Book

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