Time stamped show notes:

[01:52] Brad's introduction to Ryan Williams

[02:35] Ryan's background is marketing and business development, collaboration with the Influencer Economy.

[02:56] First marketing person to by hired by Machinima

[02:55] Past success in launching products and brands

[04:42] Subsidiarity is the key word.

[04:56] Share and collaborate to get your ideas seen.

[05:10] Collaboration is when you opt in and someone actually buys what you're selling.

[06:53] Get the right influencer.

[18:12] Let go of the pinnacle of success being created by society. Create your own great story.

[20:32] Ryan sharing story about being laid off from work with Disney and how it became his breakthrough

[23:09] Suffering from depression

[26:05] Failures in comedy

[31:30] Image manicuring. Image is the most important thing.

[32:50] Working less hours and making more opportunity.

[32:53] It's not about what you're not doing; it's about focusing on what you are best at.

[37:45] Podcasting

[42:30] MMM vision

[45:10] If podcasting is for you, just do it with all your heart and soul; don't worry about the numbers.

[48:00] Webinars

Three key points:

  1. Get your ideas seen.
  2. Get the right influence.
  3. Create a great story of your own.

Resources mentioned:

  1. www.machinima.com
  2. Book: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
  3. www.influencereconomy/marbles.com

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