Time stamped show notes:

[02:17] Matt introducing himself

[02:54] Since childhood he has loved being comedian.

[03:29] Matt is now working with entrepreneurs, businesses, and teaching people.

[06:24] Matt sharing the science (demographic of the audience, variables etc.) behind creating brand

[10:07] Expanding skill sets and finding ways to stand out

[10:05] Humor is a viable commodity in business. People have to remember you.

[13:54] Matt has used humor since he was 6 years old to get what he wants in life.

[14:06] Matt sharing experiences in schools when he was a kid

[14:49] Theories on why people laugh: out of superiority or commonality

[17:18] Key element in comedy: exaggeration

[19:26] Standup Comedy Formula: Set up, describe the situation, tag line

[26:46] Mining and putting together material

[29:42] People are looking to know businesses' points of view.

[30:06] Look for stories in your life to connect with your audience as you're looking for commonality

[39:40] Launching the business, you are the brand

[47:02] Matt shares things to do in preparation for speaking engagement

[51:10] How to support

Three key points:

  1. Applying comedy and science to create the brand of your business
  2. Expanding your skill sets and finding ways to stand out
  3. Talk about stories that happened to you. There should be basis and truth to connect with your audience.

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