Time stamped show notes:

[0:20] Being a Navy veteran, interesting stories about world travel and leadership

[01:12] Stories about his parents and childhood

[01:49] By age of 18, he moved 36 times.

[2:51] Mental breakdown resulting in being removed from the service

[3:06] Sent to a department where they send all the younger Navies

[04:46] He was helping his colleagues with coaching and processes

[04:51] Started a coaching business

[05:13] Being grateful for his depression

[08:06] Transition still in process and will never end

[08:42] Focus on growing connection with his family after being gone for 20 years

[09:45] Taking it one thing at a time

[26:45] Watching Myths and Monsters

[27:11] We all have myths in our stories.

[28:12] We have the ability to imagine.

[34:18] Accomplishments

[37:15] Teaching his children to make empowering choices

[38:53] Inspired and committed people can change the world.

[43:15] Always ask questions; continue to ask why.

[45:29] Ability to respond and react based from Viktor Frankl Book

[45:55] Defense is the first act of war.

[54:55] Parting words from Ryan: Every single person you pass on the street give a loving response to.

[55:14] The two types of communication

Three key points:

  1. Being a Navy veteran turned entrepreneur
  2. Always take one thing at a time.
  3. Inspired and committed peoples can change the world.

Resources mentioned:

  1. Myths and Monsters – documentary series
  2. Reacting vs Funding by Viktor Frankl (book) 

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