Time stamped show notes:

[0:59] Who Ron is and what he does

[2:16] What continues to amaze Ron in his field of work

[3:29] The one thing that is true about change

[4:30] The two things that conspire together against leaders

[6:30] What brands don't know about themselves

[8:20] The competing against vs. for with big brands

[9:12] One reason some companies are short lived

[9:52] Why you must put your customer first and get clear on what they want

[11:00] You must define yourself.

[13:10] Where Ron sees most people succeeding and what he recommends most

[14:47] Many leaders don't know how to scale.

[16:00] How Coinbase is scaling rapidly and where it is going

[17:20] Ron's approach on scaling effectively

[21:10] A great quote and how it relates to growth

[23:12] Why are people running toward cryptocurrencies?

[25:23] 8/10 people from Brad's audience who are investing in crypto have never invested in anything before

[30:05] Why Brad is excited to watch the cryptomarket

[32:05] There are more similarities between generations than we believe.

[32:35] More than ever, people want to work for a small company or for themselves but don't want to create something bigger than themselves.

[35:10] How do we bridge the knowledge gap?

[38:34] A question Ron asks his company frequently: what do we think our responsibility is?

[39:25] Being dismissed because of age differences

[39:45] We dismiss people based on who we like and who we don't like.

[40:28] We invest in the people and things we trust, not necessarily the product, company, idea, etc.

[43:10] The investment world is like a video game.

[47:40] What does Ron wish everyone around the world knew?

Three key points:

1. You must define yourself.

2. There are more similarities between generations than we believe.

3. The investment world is like a video game.

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