Time Stamped Show Notes:

[1:22] What's helped Tucker Max become Tucker Max

[3:10] Tucker's own failure

[4:54] Your arrogance bears the fruit of being self critical

[6:06] Tucker Max's strength is that he can face reality  

[8:24] Finding out your business is failing

[9:54] Perception

[10:44] Nail it before you can scale it

[13:00] Find Great people

[14:56] How a seminar was the birthplace of Scribe Writing

[15:50] Scribes wrote the words of Jesus, Socrates, and potentially yours to


[18:04] Market pulling a company out of you

[18:50] Wishing you had 10 lives just because of the amount of business opportunities there are

[21:40] Becoming the next Apple just by reading the market and opportunities

[21:45] How YOU can start your business on what you love

[22:52] Pick a field and start working

[23:40] The idea doesn't matter, it's the timing and execution that matters

[24:38] We have the same amount of opportunity in our day that Rockefeller had in the Industrial Revolution

[26:24] You need action to be able to have the right to say anything

[27:23] Fun rant on how the “F-Bomb” expresses Tucker's feelings towards action's necessity

[28:19] The push to action

[30:20] Advice in Cryptokeys

[31:20] Cryptokeys is for those who are more knowledgeable in it for now

[32:29] The wild west of cryptokeys

[33:53] Marketing 101 with a drycleaning example

[35:37] On your deathbed with your children next to you

[36:46] Only through business can you affect the greatest amount of people

[38:42] Cleaning toilets is honorable

[39:18] The world economy is changing

[41:18] Our economy will be resorted to entertainment when the robots take over manual labor

[42:27] Competition is about putting in all the effort that you need to

[44:25] What is important to Tucker Max's legacy?

[45:23] Be the dad your kids love

[46:54] Outside of family, what does Tucker Max wish to leave as his impact?

[50:18] Helping Tucker make more marbles by working for him as a marketing apprentice

3 Key Points

  1. You can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink
  2. Reading the market so you can start the business you love
  3. There's as much opportunity now as there was in the industrial revolution
  4. You need to be in business if you wish to affect the WORLD for the better

Last Question:

The only thing that Tucker Max needs, as far as resources go, is people. Tucker is looking for a marketing apprentice.

Resources Mentioned:

Tucker Max's Scribe Writing

The Inevitable  By Kevin Kelly

Business Model Generation By Alexander Osterwalder

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