Time stamped show notes:

[2:45] Miguel is one of the top instructors on Udemy.

[3:44] His new project is launching in January.

[4:05] Problems with online courses

[4:42] He decided to create a tool that focuses on the engagement of courses.

[8:09] They've developed a chatbot that allows you to deliver education in a more engaging way that helps people take measurable action weekly.

[10:43] He's originally from Spain. He moved here in 1996, when he was 14 after his parents divorced.

[11:14] He self-taught a lot of things in his life, like animation.

[11:58] He got into Udemy very early on. It was like a hobby, but it was making a lot of money.

[14:54] He was approached by a former client to do something about education.

[15:22] Actual learning happens when you do stuff. If you listen and don't apply, learning doesn't happen.

[16:53] 7 of the top ten courses on Udemy are about coding.

[20:40] The strategy that works best for him: strategic giving

[20:51] Strategic giving: provide value to someone with a lot of influence

[21:34] Get your stuff in front of someone who has a large audience

[25:03] He knew he only needed 1 video to get 1 influencer.

[25:57] People assume that people should give them value when they haven't proved themselves valuable first.

[32:43] Ask yourself: what's in it for that person? Why are they going to spend time with you instead of all the other people that want to spend time with them?

[35:] You will never know what will come from the fruit of your efforts, but if you show up with a heart to serve and you add value, your time you will come.

[36:37] Everything is about the people. Focus on helping the people who can add the most value to you and who you can add value to.

[39:58] Generate | Grow | Give

[43:01] Focus on quality over quantity

Three key points:

  1. Strategic giving: provide value to someone with a lot of influence
  2. Generate | Grow | Give
  3. Focus on quality over quantity

Last question:

If you want to learn more about Mench, go to: https://mench.co/

If you have an online program and you want to try a new platform go to Mench and apply as instructor.

How to contact him:

Email: miguel@mench dot com

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