Time stamped show notes:

[0:29] Introduction to Akshay

[3:37] How he got to where he is now

[7:22] Lessons that he's learned over the years | What drives people to pursue this physical activity

[8:55] There's no right or wrong. Just work on being better than yesterday. Find your worthy struggle.

[12:45] People that he looks up to around his mission

[15:22] Immerse yourself in who you want to be, and when you surround yourself with those references, it becomes something that just stays within you.

[19:45] Cultivating courage – making willpower a habit. Willpower is a finite resource.

[21:16] Not wasting cognitive energy

[21:26] Wherever you are now is OK–engage that next level of risk.

[22:40] Techniques to cultivate willpower

[23:20] Train your brain to suffer better.

[25:48] Isolate yourself from your fears.

[26:22] Emotions are just emotions. Not good or bad. It's up to us to decide what we do with them.

[26:47] Fear can propel you to excel if you engage your fear and understand it.

[28:35] Don't judge your emotions.

[28:46] Fear is not a weakness.

[32:29] When you experience intense lows, you also experience intense highs.

Three key points:

  1. Cultivate willpower.
  2. Train your brain to suffer better.
  3. Don't judge your emotions. Fear is not weakness.

Resources mentioned:

Fearvana – https://fearvana.com/

Black Hawk Down

Toyota 5 Why's

A Man Search for Meaning


Last question:

Get the book into more hands. The book is available for free on https://fearvana.com/. You just have to cover the cost of shipping. Profits made are going to charity.

Spread the word and pick a few books.

He wants to create a Fearvana movement–combating a world that is constantly making our lives easier.

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